School Events
•  Labor Day - No School
•  Open House at 6:00
9/2/2014 to 9/5/2014
•  Book Fair
First Day of School 2014-2015
1st Day of School 2014-2015
We would like to welcome everyone back to McDavid-Jones. This is going to be an awesome school year.  The students were...

Planning Luncheon with Arkema   
On July 28th, Arkema and McDavid-Jones Elementary met to discuss their plans for this school year.  Arkema has been our...
John Lakenan, Jill Dickinson, Judy Smith

Welcome Reception - Mrs. Jill Dickinson   
On Sunday, July 27 a “Welcome Reception” was held in honor of Mrs. Jill Dickinson the newly appointed principal at...
Mrs. Gayther Rowell and Mrs. Jill Dickinson

Unloading/Loading Students   
Students are not to be unloaded in the morning before 7:10.   All students are to be unloaded in the car line except...

Continuous Improvement Plan (ECIP)   
We want to remind you that the CIP for our school is listed on our school website.  There is a link there that takes you...

Envision-Payment Solutions   
Dear Parents/Students: Envision Payment is pleased to have been selected by Mobile County Public Schools as its check service...