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Kid Cash Store
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Friday, October 27th, students at McDavid-Jones Elementary were able to shop in the "Kid Cash Store". The students earn...

On September 18th McDavid-Jones hosted their annual C.O.W. Day (Careers on Wheels). It was the perfect day for the students to...
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On the first day of school we had a very special visitor, our superintendent, Mrs. Martha Peek!  The children were so excited...
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McDavid-Jones Elementary School had a wonderful first day of school! 
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Students must be registered to meet their teacher. You may bring your school supplies. 12:30-2:30
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On Friday, October 2nd students at McDavid-Jones Elementary got to shop at the “Kid Cash Store”. The students earned...
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My name is Jill Lloyd and I am blessed and thankful that I have been selected for Teacher of the year at McDavid Jones Elementary....

Students are not to be unloaded in the morning before 7:10.   All students are to be unloaded in the car line except...

We want to remind you that the CIP for our school is listed on our school website.  There is a link there that takes you...

Dear Parents/Students: Envision Payment is pleased to have been selected by Mobile County Public Schools as its check service...

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