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Faithful Friends Mentoring
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Monday, May 29, 2017
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Brother Stan Clayton met with our fourth and fifth grade boys every other week this school year.  Each week he spoke to the boys about being a good citizen, getting along with others and having a good heart.  After Christmas, with Mr. Eddie’s and Bro. Stan helped them plant a garden.  They planted potatoes, turnips, English peas, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and watermelons. The boys were taught how to prepare the soil, how many seeds to plant and the correct way to plant them.  They helped keep the grass out of the garden.  Each week as the vegetables grew Bro. Stan talked about “Planting good seeds in your life.  He told them their life is just like a garden in they didn’t take care of themselves that they would not grow into healthy young people.” Last Thursday we had a feast for the boys. We prepared the vegetables that they grew.  We encouraged them to try the things they had never had before.  Like Bro. Stan their favorite was Potato Soup.

This is the eight year that we have had “Faithful Friends Mentoring” at McDavid-Jones Elementary.  I would like to thank everyone who has participated in the program over the years.  It means a lot to the students and to the faculty and staff. If your, interested in volunteering at the school we always need an extra hand.



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