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Drop-off and Pick-up
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Tuesday, October 24, 2017
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Students are not to be dropped off in the morning before 7:10.   All students are to be unloaded in the car line.  Do not drive through the parking areas and around the building to drop off your child.  There will be personnel on duty to assist students as they exit cars and to direct traffic when all is clear.  All car students are to be picked up in the car line in the afternoons.  Students will be escorted to the cars.  Cars will not move until all students are loaded.  Do not enter the building while waiting for your child.  Cars are not to be left unattended and engines must be turned off until all students are loaded.  Bus lanes in the back of the school and in the front of each office are to remain clear at all times.

Students arriving after 7:40 are to be escorted by a parent to the office to receive a tardy slip. 

Any student arriving after 7:30 from the car line will not be allowed to eat breakfast.

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