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Faculty eCIP Projection-McDavid-Jones 2011-2012

Questions to Ask:

What To Do:


Has this strategy been effective? If there was 100% teacher implementation, could it make a difference in student achievement?

All strategies that were used in our academic goals for reading and math have been effective to a high degree. Strategies that were less effective would be more so with 100% implementation. Our plan is to increase implementation toward the goal of 100%.


Was the strategy a global idea that could have specific action steps underneath it?

None of the strategies that we used could be considered global in that they were specific in nature. The action steps that were applied were also clear and specific.


Are the action steps clear to the teacher and to anyone who will participate in a review? Can you see a definite who, what, when?

The action steps for our academic goals in reading and math are clear and concise. They contain the who, what, and when components that are required.


Can you get buy-in from the teachers for this strategy/ action step?

Generally, there was a high degree of buy-in from the teachers for each of the action steps in our strategies. One goal is to increase the teacher buy-in to 100% on the action step for reading that includes the use of Accelerated Reader. The CIP work group created a list of ways that grade levels can work together to encourage those peers who have a lower degree of participation.


Are most of your strategies documented in an evidence box rather than observable in a classroom?

Most of our strategies for reading are observable; although, some provide documentation for the evidence box only. None of our math strategies contain observable evidence. Our plan is to add an action step that provides evidence that can be observed in a walk-through review.


Strategies/ We Will Keep

Strategies We Will Keep/Reword but Need New Action Steps

Action Steps We Will Keep but Reword

Areas Where We Need More Buy-In and More PD


We intend to keep all strategies that were included in our CIP for the 2011/2012 school year. We will increase reading achievement through the use direct, explicit instruction. RtI. AR and intervention for non-proficient students. We will increase math achievement through the use of data analysis, collaboration, tiered instruction and tutoring.

Strategies will remain the same.

We will add a math action step that will include observable actions. Due to a potential reduction in staff, we will have to change our in-house remediation and afternoon tutoring to indicate weekly opportunities rather than daily.

We need more teacher buy-in on two of our action steps, both are in reading. Professional development is being planned to address these needs.


As we look forward to the implementation of the Common Core Standards for the State of Alabama, we fully expect that some of our goals and strategies will be adapted to address those. We will also review our strategies and action steps based on the outcome of ARMT+ results.