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McDavid-Jones CIP Summary 1

Strategies Observed: Reading/Math

EB:   X

WT:   X

Total Teachers:       57

Members of Review Team:


Principal, Assistant Principal, Title I Facilitator, Reading Coach, Media Specialists, Technology rep, Math Lead Teacher, Special Education teacher, Counselor, parents, and representatives from each grade level.



Action Step 1 for Reading:   55/57 or 96.5% of our teachers were observed using direct, explicit instruction during a walk-through.

Action Step 2 in Reading: Third grade teachers were observed in a PST meeting in progress during a walk-through. The Evidence box shows that PST meetings are being held across grade levels and RTI is being implemented.

Action Step 1 in Math: The Evidence Box shows that 100% of our teachers are using data analysis to determine areas of need and guide instruction for their students.

Action Steps 2.1 and 2.2 in Math: Intervention classes and extended day tutoring services are being offered to students who are non-proficient on the Math formative tests (EQTs).


Areas Needing Improvement:

Action Step 3 in Reading: Only 38/57 or 67% of the teachers observed were fully implementing the use of Accelerated Reader/Renaissance Learning as an action step for reading.

Action Step 4 in Reading: Only 38/57 or 67% of the teachers observed were fully implementing the use of tiered instruction as an action step for reading.


Summary of Progress in Benchmarks:

3 out of 4 Math benchmarks have been fully met with 100% of K-5 and Special Ed teachers using data analysis. 100% of students who are at-risk are being offered intervention classes and extended day services. Collaboration between regular classroom teachers and resource teachers is being implemented but we are still not at 100%. We were at 67% implementation on two of our reading benchmarks (Action Steps 3 an4, while AS 1.1 was 96.5% (direct, explicit instruction) and AS 1.2 documentation shows that 100% of our teachers are participating in PST meetings.


Next Steps:

Find ways to increase implementation on the action steps for reading that were not being fully implemented (Direct, explicit instruction and Accelerated Reader/Renaissance Learning).




Amendments to Plan:

Our plan is to make amendments to our math evidence as none of the action steps contain observable evidence. All action steps for the math strategies are based on documentation in the evidence box.