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Review No. 1

SCHOOL:   McDavid-Jones Elementary                                  DATE:    11/27/2012

REVIEW NUMBER:           1                                                           

Strategies Observed: Reading/Math



Total Teachers:   51

Members of Review Team:


Principal, Assistant Principal, Title I Facilitator, Reading Coach, Media Specialists, Technology rep, Math Lead Teacher, Special Education teacher, Counselor, parents, and representatives from each grade level.




Action Step 1 for Reading:   32/36 or 89% of our teachers were observed using direct, explicit instruction during the walk-through. (For some, it was not applicable.)

Action Step 3 in Reading: 36/45 or 80% of the teachers observed had evidence of the use of AR implementation.

Action Step 4 in Reading: 26 teachers were observed in a Tier 2 or Tier 3 intervention group.

Action Steps 2.1 and 2.2 in Math: Intervention classes and extended day tutoring services are being offered to students who are non-proficient on the Math formative tests (EQTs) and as determined by PSTs in grades 3-5.

Action Steps 3.1 and 3.2 in Math: 26 teachers were observed using cooperative learning and peer-teaching strategies. 32 teachers were using various materials and strategies during their lessons, including technology.  


Areas Needing Improvement:


Action Step 3 in Reading: Though the AR participation rate was high, STAR Reports show that the proficiency rate was at 68%. This indicates that we need to do a better job of monitoring our students’ use of AR when reading and taking tests.

Action Step 4 in Reading: Although 26 teachers were in Tiered instruction, the rate of those observed was only 59%. This may be due to the fact that some classes had not moved from the large group first delivery to the small group sessions.


Summary of Progress in Benchmarks:


4 out of 6 Math benchmarks have been fully met with 100% of K-2 teachers using data analysis. 100% of students who are at-risk are being offered intervention classes and extended day services. Collaboration between regular classroom teachers and resource teachers is being implemented. 100% of our teachers use a variety of materials and strategies.

3 out of 4 Reading benchmarks are being met with all teachers using Direct, Explicit Instruction, participating in PST meetings, and increasing reading time with AR. We will continue to work on Tiered instruction.


Next Steps:

1. Conduct walk-throughs at various times to allow for observation of different subjects and    


2. Find ways to increase student monitoring on AR tests.

3. Consider adding an action step for student engagement.


Amendments to Plan:

·         The plan needs to be amended to add the Asst. Principal, who was inadvertently left off the roster.

·         We will also consider revision of a math action step for item analysis since we did not receive forms for grades 3-5 on the Q1 EQTs.