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McDavid-Jones Review Results 3 - January 2013

Walk-through ~ Unannounced

 There were 45 teachers observed.

One teacher was out ~ Turner

One teacher was still on maternity leave ~ Tomko

Not all areas applied to all teachers.

Most of the observations took place in the morning before 11:00.

 The results

 29 teachers were using Direct, Explicit Instruction.                     76%

27 teachers had evidence of AR implementation.                                     75%

21 teachers were in Tier 2/Tier 3 intervention.                           50%

20 teachers were using cooperative learning/peer teaching      77%

30 teachers were using a variety of materials/strategies                        94%

47 teachers use item analysis for math interventions                  100%

66 teachers collaborate with SpEd or Intervention teachers      100%



Star Reports showed a 96% participation rate, which is 32 percentage points higher than the district rate of 64%.

Star Reports showed a proficiency rate of 68%, which is 21 percentage points higher than the district rate of 47%.

AR Proficiency = 90% average on AR tests

 What the numbers say

 The low percentage in Tier2/Tier 3 intervention can be attributed to the timing of the observations. Most of the kindergarten groups were just finishing whole group first delivery and would not be in small groups yet.

 Likewise, others would not have been using cooperative learning/peer teaching because they were in a direct, explicit lesson with whole group or in the computer lab administering a STAR test.

 Star Reports showed a 96% participation rate – this would likely have been 100% but the classes of Harbin, Huggins, and Lloyd are included in the rate and they all have 0% because their students do not participate in Accelerated Reader.


 100% of our classroom teachers are using item analysis on the Math EQTs each quarter to determine areas of weakness demonstrated by their students. The information is used to establish interventions that will address those weaknesses. 100% of our general education and SpEd teachers collaborate on a regular basis regarding the progress and needs of intervention students.